Water is very important to your health as your body is made up of seventy percent water. A person, on average, needs to consume one cup of water for every ten pounds of body weight they have in a twenty-four hour period. This amount increases if you work out or if it is hot out.… [Continue Reading]

Water is an essential chemical required by the body. It is involved with everything from maintaining blood pressure to cooling down the body to removing toxins from the body. Most people are aware of this, as evidenced by the fact that the average person drinks eight glasses of water per day. What you may not… [Continue Reading]

Bottled drinking water has become the more popular form of getting hydrated, through convenience, if you are not near a tap water source. There isn’t a store located anywhere in the U.S. that doesn’t sell bottled water and which features popular commercial brand names, that are identified by their treatment and their source. Drinking water… [Continue Reading]

Drinking water tanks can provide clean, fresh and healthy water for daily consumption. Water is essential for life. Over 95 percent of the blood is made up of water. Water is necessary for cell function and also for helping the body transport and absorb nutrients. When people do not get enough water they might experience… [Continue Reading]

Many people do not realize that their drinking water container may be contaminated with a chemical known as bisphenyl A or BPA. BPA is used in plastics as a hardening agent and is approved for usage in drinking water containers by the FDA. By learning about some of the health hazards associated with BPA we… [Continue Reading]