Drinking Water Delivery

Bottled drinking water has become the more popular form of getting hydrated, through convenience, if you are not near a tap water source. There isn’t a store located anywhere in the U.S. that doesn’t sell bottled water and which features popular commercial brand names, that are identified by their treatment and their source. Drinking water delivery in a residential and commercial environment, is a more convenient form of receiving this liquid nutrient that is a life saving liquid and which the body relies on. Bottled water is available in different forms and from different sources, but are all monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”).

Drinking water delivery is available in various tastes and types, such as mineral water, which contains no added minerals, but is purified by its natural trace element source. Purified or distilled water, is water that has been treated to remove many harmful bacterias, unhealthy chemicals, and heavy metals. Well water or Artesian water is natural water that has been extracted from a well or underground source and is filtered naturally through nature’s rock or sand process. Sparkling water is the finer bottled water that is available in different flavors and is a bubbling carbonated drink. Mineral water is another top of the line bottled water, which is associated with healing Ph balanced properties for the human body.

Whether residential or commercial, drinking water delivery service, is more cost effective and is very easily stored. Water delivery is available in single serve cases and different gallon bottles, which are custom tailored for delivery for each customer. Drinking water delivery companies are the leaders in “green” water delivery to help keep landfills free from harmful plastic bottles. Bottled water is now more recyclable, with containers that are lighter in weight and are made from natural gas and petroleum. Larger bottles that are delivered to homes and offices are sanitized and are re-used several times before their pure water use is done. Recycled bottles also have been converted to elements that are used in carpeting, clothing and auto parts. Foreign countries are purchasing U.S. recycled bottles and turning them into safe products that are used by their consumers, or used in mining and in manufacturing.