Drinking Water Systems

Water is very important to your health as your body is made up of seventy percent water. A person, on average, needs to consume one cup of water for every ten pounds of body weight they have in a twenty-four hour period. This amount increases if you work out or if it is hot out. Many people only drink water if they are thirsty, but they are already dehydrated by then! If you rely on bottled water to consume that much, you will not only go broke but also fill up the landfill quickly. This makes a drinking water system something that is very important to everyday life.

The repercussions of tossing multiple bottles of water into the trash a day is enormous. Recycling does not always help, because energy is still needed to melt the plastic down to make new bottles. In addition to the creation of new bottles, the lids on most bottles are not recyclable. The best thing for your health and the health of the environment is to invest in a good drinking water system.

Many times, you have gone to an office environment and there is a water cooler. This is one type of drinking water system. There are also systems you can attach to your sink for immediate filtration, and pitchers for the fridge. One of the most useful types of systems available is actually a water bottle that has built in filters. These great items let you drink water wherever you are. There is no longer a need to buy a bottle of water at the gym or while on a road trip. You simply refill your water bottle and let the filter do the rest.

Regardless of what drinking water system you choose to go with, know that you are keeping the Earth cleaner and your body remains healthy. The impurities that are in the water we get from the tap can be caught before they enter our bodies. We can continue to drink water, safely knowing that we are not drinking chemicals and we are not adding to the landfills. Sure bottles occasionally are a good thing and can be re-used, but drinking water systems should be found in everyone’s kitchen and workplace.